Padiglione 25

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Pavilion 25 project was started in 2013 from an idea of the director Massimiliano Carboni and the anthropologist Claudia Demichelis and it has been developed around a story that occurred in 1975: a group of nurses working at S. Maria della Pieta Psychiatric Hospital in Rome, inspired by Franco Basaglia’s theories and practices, began the occupation of the Pavilion 25, that will last for a year. The final target is to rehabilitate and then discharge the patients from the hospital. The nurses kept a diary, “The Sanitary Report”, where they noted down their everyday thoughts, achievements and failures. The diary was published in 1977, and called "S. Maria della Pietà Padiglione 25,il diario degli infermieri in un reparto autogestito di malati mentali cronici" signed by 14 nurses.
In Pavilion 25 project the telling of the story is developed with a documentary film, realized following a careful consultation of historical, photographic and audiovisual archives. The research has also gone through an ethnography and a collection of oral sources in the neighborhood where the former psychiatric hospital is located, started from 2014 that has composed, in the course of a year, an archive of memories and testimonies on the reality and development of the Monte Mario district, focusing on the transformations that in parallel start in the psychiatric institution and in the dynamics of life of the patients, more and more present in the territory.
The production has involved artists in 2015, among them Aldo Di Marcantonio, Annalisa Corsi and Giorgio Tirabassi. The project gets numerous patrons: Funzione Pubblica CGIL, Fondazione Franca e Franco Basaglia, Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico, Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Civitavecchia, Municipio XIV Roma Capitale, Associazione Regionale per la Salute Mentale, Cooperativa Sociale Il Grande Carro, Associazione Culturale Anthropolis, Associazione Prima.
The documentary film has been made partly through a crowdfunding campaign, that promoted the organization of events in several Italian cities. Padiglione 25. Diario degli infermieri (2016), directed by Massimiliano Carboni, was presented at the 7th “Lo Spiraglio” MAXXI Film Festival, on march 2017, and it is then presented in different shows and events.
The documentary film is currently distributed with the book "Padiglione 25. Autogestione in manicomio (1975-1976)" (2017), edited by Claudia Demichelis (EdiesseEditore).
The documentary film and the book are starting elements for a reflection developed by Cultural Inventory in schools, universities, foundations and training institutions, in the context of laboratories, seminars and training modules focused on a dialogue among ethnography, storytelling and audiovisual production.